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The Tremors

are a veritable two-piece orchestra, based in a blues style but with eclectic musical influences.

The Tremors produce a range of musical images through use of string bass — bowed, plucked and slapped — and a variety of guitars plus vocal harmonies.

Catch the Tremors in concert and you’ll catch a melody with poignant or humorous lyrics to carry you far beyond the end of the show.

Cory McDaniel is a creative singer, songwriter and guitarist. Born on the high plains surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in the western United States, McDaniel wandered into a love of the blues by traveling. He was first inspired by the Big Band sounds his parents played at home.

Later, Paul Butterfield, Oingo Boingo’s Danny Elfman, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen influenced his songwriting and arranging.

The Tremors provide McDaniel with the perfect canvas to compose. “I try to write blues songs,” he says, “because it squashes me into a smaller format, forces me to simplify the creative output and frames the images with rough edges. And, with two pieces, we can actually perform the songs I write. The funny thing is, while they are always based in the blues, they rarely turn out as traditional blues songs.”

Dale Bohren was born into a talented family of singers. He began playing the string bass in elementary school and excelled in reading classical music through school. As a college student he played various styles to pay the rent — country, jazz, big band and blues. The pursuit of music took him from New Orleans to Los Angeles and back to the Rocky Mountains. Today, Bohren still plays a wide variety of styles but finds the Tremors’ duet of guitar, string bass and harmonic vocals to be most rewarding.

“Playing classical music with attention to phrasing, accents and dynamics really prepared me for producing the Tremors’ music. Our music is varied by space, improvisation and melody. Sometimes what we don’t play is as important as what we do play. I can’t imagine a better format for a bass player to be able to contribute musically to a whole composition.

But honestly, we’re just having fun.”

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